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Wholesale and Custom Engraved and Personalized Cutting Boards - Made in Canada Since 2005

Canadian Custom Cutting Boards

Engraved Custom Cutting Boards – Canadian owned and operated since 2005, we ship coast-to-coast!

100% Canadian Made

100% Canadian Made Cutting Boards 

Personalized Cutting Boards – Perfect For Any Occasion

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Corporate Gift Cutting Board


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Love Birds Cutting Board


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Heart Balloons Cutting Board


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Anniversary Gift Cutting Board


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - The Apple Board

Teacher Gift

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Bike and Tree Cutting Board


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Canadian Cutting Board



Food-Safe Custom Painted

Personalized & Customized Cutting Boards


Five Star Customer Reviews

Love these cutting boards!  Have ordered them for house warming and shower gifts and they are beautiful!

Jenna Placey
Five Star Customer Reviews

Bought this cutting board as a gift for our family cottage. My family loved it and it looks great!

Brandon O'Brien
Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards
Custom Engraved Cutting Boards - Personalized Cutting Boards - Heart Cutting Board

Engraved Heart Cutting Board

Our goal is to provide beautiful personalized cutting boards that will be a welcome addition to the kitchen in your home, add flare for your bar or restaurant, and elegance for your hotel or hospitality chain. At cuttingboard.ca, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for style! Our engraved gifts are fun, attractive and built to last.

Melding form with function, our custom cutting boards are great for chopping food or serving guests yourhome, bar, restaurant, or hotel. Everyone needs a cutting board, so they’re also a fantastic and fun idea for a gift basket or present!

Browse our selection of customizable cutting board templates to see how you can bring a stylish touch to your kitchen, bar, restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality venue that you can call your own!

The Letter Cutting BoardOur cutting boards are made with rich Canadian maple, which is both attractive and durable. We sell 10”x14” boards that can be used for cutting meat, bread, cheese, or vegetables. They also make an elegant kitchen or restaurant decorationthat can be hung on your wall, adding a fun dash of personality to your kitchen.A personalized cutting board from staging.cuttingboard.flywheelsites.com is made with 100% Canadian maple, so you can expect it to last and be easy on your knives.

A custom cutting board is both functional and attractive. While they are practical in the kitchen, they also serve as a nice display piece for serving your guests. Use your custom cutting board as serving tray that will grab your guests’ attention and be a great conversation starter. Perfect for serving cheese, vegetables, or bread. With our custom designs and your personal touch, you’ll be proud to display your cutting board to your guests.

Family Tree Cutting BoardA personalized cutting board is a fantastic gift for your major life events. Giving an engraved gift makes a statement of your personal connection that will last the lifetime of the cutting board and beyond. Every time your friend, family member or client uses the board, they’ll be reminded of you and your thoughtful gift. It’s this functionality that makes the personalized cutting board into a gift they’ll use again and again.

Custom cuttings boards are a great wedding gift idea, and are a fun and functional gift for the groomsmen or bride’s maids in your wedding! They are a perfect house-warming gift and are great for birthdays, Christmas, or any other life occasion or milestone. Choose a custom wood cutting board for the cook or chef in your life and let them know you care every time they prepare dinner!

Check out our selection of personalized cutting boards to find the unique gift that’s just right for you or your friends and loved ones!

Flower Cutting BoardLike any good promotional gift, a custom cutting board puts your brand in front of your potential customers every day. A brand personalized cutting board can be a gift to a loyal client, a bonus for signing up for a service, or something you can distribute as prizes to potential customers. However you choose to use it, the brand personalized cutting board will put your name in front customers and potential customers every single day.

When they’re preparing dinner, or serving on their custom cheese board, your client and their guests will see your name in front of them. It’s this functionality that makes our custom cutting boards such fantastic promotional products!

Personalized cutting boards are also ideal for hotels, bars, and restaurants! Stylish and functional, anengraved cutting board is the perfect way to serve your guests and promote your brand. We can place your logo or name on one of our custom templates, giving you a tasteful means to promote your brand right at the table. We happily accept bulk orders and can help you find a unique way to make your restaurant, bar or hotel stand out to your valued guests.